Babes & Beauty is an idea born out out of the desire to provide top quality, all natural, non-toxic  products that are made locally,

within Calgary and surrounding areas, for moms & little ones.

That's when our journey began and we started to develop Babes & Beauty.

From personal experience, we know how hard it is to sift through websites, Instagram accounts, google and blogs, when looking to find the best products for you and your family. Over the years I had spent countless hours to find things that would make a difference in my kiddos lives.

By building Babes & Beauty it would gives us tired mamas a place to come and explore the best products out there, without having to do all the extra leg work. 

We have searched high and low for the most highly reputable, all natural, non-toxic products that are made within Calgary and surrounding area, with our primary focus, being able to provide safe alternatives for moms & little ones. We have been very successful in finding these incredible companies and feel so blessed to work with them.

Have a look through our site and explore, we want to welcome you with open arms to Babes & Beauty. Let's support local, make the switch to all natural products, and together, build a community that encourages everyone else to to the same. With every step together, I know we can move mountains.