Worry-less Warm/Cold Therapy Bag : Bunnies & Bears

Worry-less Warm/Cold Therapy Bag : Bunnies & Bears


When it comes to bed time, kids are often stalling to bed, maybe they are scared of the dark, have anxieties of whats under their bed, will they have a bad dream, and the list goes on. 


These 'worry-less warm bags are handmade with your kids in mind. Made to help eliminate stresses in your child and help soothe them to bed.


We have researched the best options when filling our bags and based on a tremendous amount of research flax seed is the winner.....we chose because it has very little smell which is an important key component when heating, it also has the best heat retention.


Follow our instructions on the card provided for best results.


These are perfect for all ages!


Made with quality in mind.. 100% cotton fabric, hand sewn in Calgary, AB.


All warm bags are 10” x 8.5” in size.


**CAUTION: may burn if heated to long - follow instructions for best results.**